About !Mpact Players

About !Mpact Players

We’re !Mpact Players and we want to help you get your game on and make an !Mpact.

!Mpact Players look for engaging activities and find a way to teach it in a simple way with onscreen highlights, demonstrations with actual players, conference and Zoom training videos and more. We design most games, use inspiration from other games, incorporate games that we are taught and create new spins on classic games.

Join us and gain access to hundreds of games that you will be able to learn quickly and easily. Take what you learn back to the classroom and make your own !Mpact today! 

Meet Team !Mpact Players

Ray and Gabe are two educators who have come together to build an activity-based, online community with the intention to bring educators around the world together.

Ray Trinidad

Ray has worked in youth development and education for over 30 years with different municipalities, non-profits, school districts and charter schools as a youth counselor, principal, dean and CEO. Though his organizations and titles have changed over the years, his core beliefs have not. Ray strongly believes that people at play create a higher quality of life. Whether strategizing with sixth grade campers in Capture the Flag, coaching high school seniors in advisory Olympics, or teaching middle school gang members how to use chopsticks, Ray Trinidad has always felt blessed and thankful for the joy of playing with others and making an impact. 

Ray Trinidad


Director of Operations

Gabe Ogilvie

Gabe has worked in education and after-school programming for 13 years with both the YMCA and K-8 public charter schools as an after-school director, student government advisor, yearbook advisor, activities director, student travel coordinator, camp director and summer camp director. In addition to his core job duties, he also organized school assemblies, class competitions, staff bowling tournaments and school-wide Olympics. Gabe Ogilvie has always loved creating, organizing and finding the best way to create memories through games and activities.

Gabe Ogilvie

Director of Technology

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I book !Mpact Players for a live training?

Yes. See our Live Trainings page to host a training event for your site and to request a quote.

Does !Mpact Players create all of these games and activities?

We teach games. That's what we do. WE DESIGN most GAMES, USE INSPIRATION FROM OTHER GAMEs, incorporate games that we are taught and create new spins on classic games. !Mpact players look for engaging activities and find a way to teach it in a simple way.

I signed up. What now?

A welcome email will be sent to your email account (check your spam if you don't see it). Next, click "log In" in the top right corner of the screen and enter your email and password. From there, enjoy the online community section of !Mpact Players.

Will there be more games uploaded in the future?

Yes! We aim to release games every month in addition to member videos, blogs, resources and chat conversations.

Is there an !Mpact Players App for my mobile device?

Not yet. But we're working on it. For the moment, we do have a mobile version. You can save the mobile version to the home screen of your phone for easy access. CLICK HERE to learn how.

How do I reset my password?

Go to the login page. Click "forgot password." A password reset will be sent to your email.

Can I get the worksheets and documents for the games?

Yes. Click Here.

Where do I get the supplies that are used in the videos?

Click Here.

How long is my membership?

Memberships last for 1 year (unless your agency signed up for a promotional offering).

Does my membership automatically renew?

Yes, we automatically renew your membership each Month (if you signed up on our "join" page). If your organization signed you up, then your organization will need to renew their license each year.

How do I cancel my membership?

Subscriptions can be canceled through your PayPal Account. Click Here for step by step directions. If you signed up with a credit card (and not through PayPal), email us and we can cancel your membership.​

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Contact Us

Educator games can be fun–we’ll teach you how!

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