My !Mpact Players Confession

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

I’m not really big on playing games. You would think that a person who has devoted the time and resources to create this online community would really be into playing all types of games. I’m not. Just to clarify, I am not saying I hate playing games (I actually like it), but that’s not what gets me going. Now, if you were to ask me to run, referee or facilitate a game, then that would be entirely different. You see, I’m really, really big on leading others in playing games—that’s my jam.

As an educator and trainer for the past three decades, I found that my capacity to have meaningful interactions with people significantly increased when I used games and activities as a platform. People learn by doing. People have to “dial in” to connect. People need to interact to find solutions. What started off as a cool idea from Co-Founder Gabe Ogilvie and me 10 years ago, has developed into something more.

Activities are not just for ice-breakers. I learned to use games and activities as hacks to teach, lead and connect with people (my brand of TLC). Now I’m determined to share as many teaching games with educators and leaders who believe the same. I’m equally obsessed to discover and learn new teaching games from other educators and leaders from the field. Hence the creation of !Mpact Players. Though we launched June 3, 2019, we’re not done.

!Mpact Players is evolving. Organizationally, we want to become the Netflix® of educational programs. We want to be able deliver our own original content with the capacity to showcase outside material. We have created, adapted and modified hundreds of games, but there are thousands of games still out there. Our Members Video page will allow our audience to share their activities and insights with others.

Programmatically, we want to be the Swiss Army Knife of educational programs. Our online community will always strive to have utility. Whether in the classroom, playground, or in staff meetings, !Mpact Players will assist with teaching, leading and connecting with joy.

I’m proud and excited about this new venture that I am undertaking with an amazing partner and dedicated colleagues. Thank you for joining us—now let’s play!

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